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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Valentine Special from addvance.com

To all Associates:

This just in from former Guest Speaker Pat Quinn.

If you don't already have these books, here's a great deal to help you add to your knowledge-base and your ADD resource library!

Doubleclick the "learn more" link below or doubleclick
 ==> <http://www.addvance.com> <== to go to their website.

Your clients are eligible too, so pass the offer on to them.


Valentine Special
February 2006
What does it take to make a relationship work? In marriage or in family life, popular wisdom tells us that success depends upon good communication, realistic expectations of ourselves and of our partners and a level of commitment that carries us through the ups and downs of everyday life - a tall order to fill for most people, but especially challenging for those with AD/HD.

Since most adults grew up and created relationships without knowledge of their AD/HD, they must now strive to understand what role it plays in their established connections. How can they be better to themselves so they can live more fulfilled with others? How do their actions or reactions affect the relationship with their loved ones?

To understand how symptoms of inattention, distractibility or lack of impulse control color your experiences as you attempt to relate to others, www.addvance.com offers two important items to help you in this task.

For a Special Valentine's Day

Instead of flowers or candy... Treat yourself and your loved one to a special book, ADD and Romance by Jonathan Halverstadt, MS and receive ADD and Sexuality for only $1.00

ADD and Romance can help any couple create a more passionate and dynamic relationship by exploring those common problems that couples encounter when one partner has ADD.
By using these and other valuable resources you will be able to learn more about AD/HD and about how to be a better communicator. Invite your spouse or significant other to learn along with you. By making time for your passions and not letting your AD/HD interfere, you may discover the relationship you dream about is the one you already have.


Patricia Quinn, MD

email: addvice@addvance.com
phone: 888-238-8588
web: http://www.addvance.com
 $14.95 for BOTH!
Learn More

ADD and Romance $13.95
ADD and Sexuality $3.95

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